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Training Sessions

Training Sessions

EurAm.US uses an online registration system to sign up for training. 

Active Members: Log in to the site. If you don't know your log in or don't have one, read Online Registration in our FAQ. When you are logged in view the Training Calendar where you simply click a check box for each training session you wish to attend. Clear the check box to cancel your reservation. The mark in the check box next to your name is your confirmation that you are registered. There is no submit button; just click to reserve, click to cancel. If you are logged in and you don't see your name with a check box following each training session in the calendar, then you are not an Active member. 

Non-Active Members: Only members with a signed paperwork on file with Team Summit may reserve training online. If you have a login, but haven't completed your paper work, you must contact your coach to reserve your training. He will have the forms you will need to complete. Please arrive 30 minutes before training is scheduled to start in order to complete your paperwork. 

It is imperative that you have signed paperwork on file with Team Summit in order to train as well as reserve online. 

You have until 6PM the day before the training to reserve or cancel your training. If you have to reserve or cancel after 6PM, contact your coach to let him know. 

Note: You can add a comment to your reservation by hovering over the training session until the pop-up appears, clicking on the  in the pop-up next to your name then typing in the text box. Use this note section to let coaches now if you may be late, have a special need or anything else they should know about your attendance.

Please, for the rest of early season lane space training have both your GS and your SL skis.


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