Online Registration

  • EurAm.US uses an online registration system to sign up for training. First you will need to log in to the site. If you don't know your log in or don't have one, read the next bullet points. You will automatically go to the Training Calendar where you simple click a check box for each training session you wish to attend. Clear the check box to cancel your reservation. A mark in the checkbox is your confirmation that you are reserved for that training. You have until 6PM the day before the training to reserve or cancel your training. If you have to reserve or cancel after 6PM, contact your coach to let him know.
  • If you don't remember your log in credentials then click Log In Help option on the Log In page.
  • Don't know if you have an account? Chances are that if you are receiving our emails, you have an account. Try the Log In Help option on the Log In page to retreive your log in credentials. If you enter your email address and the system says it can't be found, then you should contact EurAm to request an account be set up for you.
  • New to EurAm.US?  Contact EurAm to request an account be set up for you.
  • Can't log in but need to reserve your training? Email your coach to let him know you will be training. We will then set up an account for you so you can use the online registration system.
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